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Tagging Artwork, An Introduction

Posted by Trevor-Fox - 12 days ago

So, you're posting artwork, but you don't know how to tag it and skip that step. I've been there. There's a learning curve to tagging, but it's very important in order for people to easily find your work. No tags or bad tags can make searching for your art a pain. Let's break it down and go over the most important tags for you to include, starting with:


This may seem obvious, but I rarely see it tagged. Get into this habit. If people are accustomed to your art, this is the first thing they'll type in to search for you. In addition to your online name, what else should you include? Well, is the picture a commission for anyone? Consider including:

-Commissioner's Online <USERNAME>
-Any character's name who appear in the piece (with sonas, sometimes this overlaps with a <USERNAME>)

Again, this helps with the search function. Maybe I want to look up art of "Trevor-Fox_(character)" or "Nearu_Nikos" the character. This helps greatly with that. Let's continue to look at the picture. Here are some other things you can tag:

-Title of art piece
-Species of characters
-Sex of characters
-Picture theme (transformation, gender_transformation, comic, superhero, etc.)
-If fanart, list company who owns the character/movie title/game title/character name
-Is it from a video game? Tag "video_games"

These are suggestions and examples of what to look for and how to break down your art to get you started. Recognizing different elements to a piece and understanding how to tag can be a daunting experience at first, but doing it right can really help you out in the long run. As you go on, you'll learn how to tag more precisely and efficiently, it just takes some time to familiarize yourself with it. Please, though, above ALL else, tag your own username so that people can find you.

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